The standard lipid panel (Total cholesterol, HDL (“good” cholesterol or High Density Lipoproteins), LDL (“bad” cholesterol or Low Density Lipoproteins) and triglycerides) has been used for years to assess cardiovascular risk and as potential justification for pharmaceutical intervention; mainly with side effect laden statin drugs.  Basing any type of preventative or reactive approach off of these 4 markers alone has become an antiquated strategy.  This has been done for years, and yet cardiovascular disease continues to reign as the #1 killer as far as pathology & disease is concerned.  Therefore it only makes logical sense to seek additional answers, insight, and if applicable, an altered approach.

The good thing is, there exists the technology to take a deeper look into your lipid panel and overall cardiovascular health.  As mentioned in the above video, and NMR Lipoprofile, Cardio IQ, and CV Health from Genova Labs (not mentioned in video, but a superb, expanded set of measurements), will take those above mentioned markers in the standard lipid panel and dive deeper into breaking down the actual HDL and LDL into the more telling particle number and size, along with a handful of other markers that exist and are understood to be a more accurate measurement of cardiovascular risk.  We will delve into these individually in the future, but as a consumable start, asking for or finding a practitioner who orders, understands, and will break down the above mentioned advance diagnostic testing can be your first into a more modern approach to your health.

We’ve worked with diabetics to people in full blown metabolic ketosis when it comes to this comprehensive lipid examination, and in order to fully assess risk and formulate an intelligent strategy, these markers and other frequently left out and seemingly unrelated independent risk factors (insulin, HbA1c, fibrinogen, ferritin, homocysteine, Lp-PLA2, hs-CRP, etc.) must be taken in to consideration.  Omitting this is a prime example of an approach that looks at one marker, and one solution for it; totally disregarding the fact that the body does not exist as isolated systems where what you do to one targeted area will not have an effect on the rest of the undeniable, interconnected matrix.  The technology, the understanding and the potential for enhancing quality and quantity of life exists.  Let’s use it.


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