We understand that ignoring the facts doesn’t make them any less true. This is an important point to remember, particularly when it is something that is not what we want to hear or that creates some level of discomfort, unease or even anger. Although annoying, disheartening, and potentially overwhelming at times, we need to stare those facts right in the eye, accept it, and make the appropriate changes; especially when it comes to issues that can affect our health, quality and quantity of life. We must adapt rather than bury our heads in the sand; leading the way for the rest of the body to soon following suit.

Survival of the fittest.

This concept needs to be kept at the forefront of our minds when we begin to consider the physiological effects of this invisible, cell altering, electric energy in the form of EMFs (electromagnetic fields), RF (radio frequency) and cell phone radiation. Over at the One Body Instagram & Facebook pages we shared ample information pertaining to the topic at hand:



It includes explanations, examples and actionable steps broken up into digestible 60 second clips which will hopefully educate, empower and enable action towards a more enlightened path to health.  If you want to dive deeper I would suggest looking up the work of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. Martin Pall, The Non Tin Foil Guide to EMFs, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and if you really want your head to spin: Dr. Jack Kruse.

We need to know and accept the following. We are electrical beings, whose optimal function is heavily contingent upon the balance and delicate dance between negative and positive ions. To assume that exposing our electrically reactive bodies to constant and intensifying levels of frequencies, radiation and magnetic fields capable of powering machines, will be without consequence is foolish, and comes with a complete disregard for human physiology.

Exposure to these signals (affects will vary based on distance, duration & intensity) disrupts the necessary balance at a cellular level. We see the disturbance at the mitochondria, an organelle responsible for carrying out the final stages of metabolism, in converting fuel into energy for all aspects of life on a micro and thus macro level. Something called the ETC (electron transport chain) exists within the wall or membrane of the mitochondria, and operates based on a difference in charges, concentration of ions, protons & electrons on each side of the membrane.

(This is one reason why consuming “bad” fats can be so detrimental as they alter the integrity of our phospholipid (fat) cell membranes. Integrity here is required for proper cell interaction and function. When we consume those vegetable oils, even worse fried, we inhibit our cells, especially the mitochondria, ability to perform the biological functions necessary to carry out life.)

In an oversimplified explanation, this electric atmosphere if you will, alters the optimal balance or gradient necessary for the mitochondria to function. Mitochondrial dysfunction is now being acknowledged as playing a huge role in cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome & fibromyalgia, diabetes, obesity; the list goes on.

Another aspect of this electrically charged ion dysregulation is how these signals can open something called a voltage gated calcium channel (VGCC). We can understand that right? It takes voltage to open the gate.  First this demonstrates we are indeed electrically charged beings, having voltage dependent gates. Secondly, we can also the see how a non-native or external source of voltage if you will, could open the gate, release the calcium flock, and thus alter physiological function.  When these calcium channels open, there is an influx of calcium ions into the cell. In a neuron or brain cell this leads to stimulation of something called an NDMA receptor. This causes a firing or excitation of the neuron. Neuron activation and excitation occurs all the time. It’s a necessary and welcome part of neurological function.

It’s when it occurs in excess that it leads to overexcitation or excitotoxicity which can cause to cell dysfunction (think overactive nerves like a seizure, migraine, trigeminal neuralgia, etc.), damage & an eventual burn out type of death (think neurodegeneration like Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s, etc.) as the neuron can simply not keep up with the stimulus. We see this in high sugar/carb diets as the glucose bombardment leads to an increase in the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate, which stimulates the NDMA receptor causing excitation. Again, in moderation, all good. However, what if you add a high carb/high sugar diet to constant EMF exposure? Do you see how this can add up and increase the occurrence of the aforementioned excitotoxicity and those symptoms and conditions associated with it?

Are we definitively saying that these electric exposures are the culprit behind these issues? No. Could they be? Perhaps, especially based on the understanding the underlying effects on a cellular level.  Regardless, once again the idea is to create an environment that fosters more resiliency and durability for a longer, higher quality life. Certain exposures to any toxin or stressors are inevitable. The point is to lower the load when and where possible. If there are many straws that potentially break that camel’s back, stop stacking so many straws on that poor camel’s back to begin with.

Which brings us to today. In a quest to lower our own (and that of our family & patients) exposure to EMFs, we are have taken some steps to hard wire the smart phone and/or tablet via an ethernet cable. The desktop computer is already there, so successfully executing this step will allow us to turn off WIFI at home and in the office altogether. Do what you can.

Equipment Needed:

What it looks like and how to get there:


  1. Plug the USB to Ethernet adapter into the camera adapter
  2. Plug an Ethernet cable into the USB to Ethernet adapter
  3. Plug the Ethernet cable into router
  4. Plug the lightning cable into the camera adapter
  5. Plug the lightning cable into the adapter (or powered USB hub)
  6. Plug the power adapter (or powered USB hub) into the wall
  7. Connect the camera adapter (or the powered USB hub) to your iOS device

***If you plug in the adapter to your iOS device before hooking up to the power/outlet, you will get a message on your iOS device saying: “Cannot Use Device; Apple USB Ethernet Adapter : The connected device requires too much power.”  Once hard wired to the wall, this will go away and you will be able to use your tablet or smart phone online with no wireless signal required, or even better, you can cut the 4G or 5G and have it in airplane mode.

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