VITAMIN A: An oft overlooked, but critical player in optimization of all health, BUT ESPECIALLY a healthy immune response; ESPECIALLY when it comes to your first line of immune defense (sIgA) against all pathogens, including viruses.

What you should know about VITAMIN A:

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BOOSTING IMMUNE HEALTH PROACTIVE VIRAL DEFENSE .. So here we are in the midst of another #fluseason with concerns exponentially amplified due to the #corona #virus .. In an ideal reality, we should always be focused on establishing & maintaining a strong #immumesystem but in times like these, people are looking for an intelligent #immuneboost .. There are 2 million and 1 avenues to travel down with when it comes to touted immune benefits, particularly when it comes to optimizing our defense against pathogens like the #coronavirus .. For a plethora of reasons, clinically we often look to #vitamina depending on the patient & their need(s). However, from a general, foundational health view, #vitamin A is particularly relevant due to it's relationship with what is regarded as our first line of #immunedefense … #siga an #immune cell called an #immunoglobulin pronounced secretory A or simply "sIg-A" .. You talk about an often overlooked, but logical place to focus when it comes to a much sought after #immunebooster .. This immune warrior is in heavy concentration in mucous secretions and the mucousal linings in our body; including & at the moment ESPECIALLY in our respiratory tract. It works by "excluding" or blocking the binding of invading pathogens (including #viral or #viruses ) to our body, working to prevent #infection in places like #thegut the genitourinary tract (#uti ) AAAND the #lungs .. Sounds like we better dig deeper here into this sIgA, vitamin A & how we can measure and if need be amplify it; in doing so, potentially concurrently amplifying our ability to neutralize & beat down these unwelcome #infectiousdisease .. #skinhealth #eyehealth #retinol #betacarotene

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Additional sIgA Enhancing Immune Support:

Other foundational ways to boost that sIgA, and thus that first line immune defense; and thus better health and resiliency.

OMEGA 3 EFAs (Essential Fatty Acids: EPA & DHA):

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VIRUS: PROACTIVE PREPARATION BOOST “sIgA” = BOOST YOUR DEFENSE … We have 2 types of approaches to be utilized when faced with current concerns over the #coronavirus .. One is reactionary in which we aim to implement any type of #antiviral or #antivirus strategies we can in order to help expedite what we hope will be another #immunesystem triumph over the inevitable, seemingly relentless attack from pushy #pathogens ; including those like the current disruptive #virus .. The other train of thought is to embrace & implement as many strategies as we can BEFORE something happens, & in doing so, hedge our bets against #infection or @ least the severity of it (as far as intensity & duration). This is grounded in the philosophy behind #preventativemedicine & combines using best evidence, understanding & experience available with common sense & well, “faith” in the process; trust in your actions; trust in your source. .. This type of strategy can be difficult for some because, how do you know if it worked? You didn’t get sick. What you were trying to prevent, did not occur or if it did, it did so to a lesser degree. Now the contrarian would argue, well how do we know the strategy implemented was the key factor; or even a factor at all in determining the outcome?  Perhaps you may have not even been exposed, or #immune system would have fought off this pesky #covid -19 with or without your intervention. .. Perhaps.  But perhaps not.  And therein lies the rub with the traditionalist’s qualm with proactive, preventative medicine.  Outright, definitive proof of success may never come because you never got sick..or worse. Hence, many end up succumbing to potentially unhealthy levels of skepticism & suffering analysis paralysis; doing nothing. .. #choices right? #healthychoices .. If we take the time; if we make the effort to learn a bit about #immunology & how our body works; if we CHOOSE to be independent thinkers & actors & not simply react off whatever was spoon fed to the masses; we have the potential to prevent or at the very least enhance our ability to beat down #sickness #illness & suffering potentiated by devious pathogenic #viralinfection ..

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Bonus: Enhancing the MYCObiome via Friendly Fungus:

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POTENTIATING PROBIOTIC POWER THE WHOLE STORY . .. The 2nd essential #probiotic player (in addition to the “traditional” #lactobacillus & #bifido blends) is actually not technically in the #probiotics family of #gutbacteria at all. .. . Our 2nd #health propogating character in this comprehensive cast of #immunesystem enhancers is known as #saccharomyces #boulardii & is a non-pathogenic #yeast … making it an MVP of our #mycobiome (rather than the #microbiome ) which is comprised of the essential & beneficial yeast &  #fungal friends. .. . This increasingly acknowledged & studied aspect of our internal ecosystem has been shown to not only boost its own #healthylife perpetuating perks, but also work synergystically with our other 2 classes of “probiotics” to complete the latest understanding of best available #guthealth & beyond. .. . Specifically, #sboulardii has been shown to increase bowel transit time (#constipation ), counter the common fungal #infection : #candida or #calbicans , & improve glucose #metabolism .. . Perhaps most relevant to the current #corona climate is the observation that S.Boulardii has been shown to increase the production of sIgA, our first line of defense against #pathogenic #bacteria #parasites #yeast & the focus of the day: #viruses .. . All of this plus more makes saccharomyces boulardii a logical addition to your up to date, best available probiotic regimen.

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