The “Gut” has been a major point of focus for the Functional Medicine and what some refer to as “alternative” medicine communities for some time now.  We speak of this so much, that often times we take for granted that many are not familiar with the far reaching and highly impactful ways the gut can effect virtually all things health.  This includes not only potentially massive upgrades to the gastrointestinal tract and your typical, common “digestive” signs and symptoms, but perhaps even more empowering and surprising to many; enhancements and improvements to the rest of the body and its interconnected, interdependent systems.

Whether it’s on a routine basis, or as the first step to correcting and optimizing ones health from the foundation up, utilizing the existing inroads to all things health via healing, sealing and supporting the gut can be a game changer for countless proactive and forward thinking individuals.  We have seen it time and time again.

We dive deeper below.

Educate.  Empower.  Improve.  LIVE!

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