The thyroid gland and associated hormones are just another part of this interconnected and interdependent matrix that makes up this undeniably, holistic body of ours.  So often, signs and symptoms, &/or lab measured out of range thyroid hormones drive a decision to jump to the outsourcing of the body’s potential work to exogenous (from outside the body) thyroid hormone medication.  This is not to say that there are not cases where this isn’t helpful or perhaps even necessary, but for many, options do exist.

Instead of outright skipping a plethora of key foundational, supportive strategies and checkpoints if you will, what we are presenting here is a series of explanations and actions to be taken as the primary steps of intervention, in order to establish a better reflection at what your true health baseline is.  Then is the time to reassess and continue to build.  If we skip these steps, we are likely selling ourselves short and diminishing our chances at the most independently, resilient life possible.

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