To embrace true health, we must go beyond what we consider to be health or healthy in the traditional sense of sickness or lack thereof.  By now you see that this one body approach we speak of; or any approach which references holistic health, functional medicine, etc. includes not only optimization of the organs systems, but also mastering oneself.  A key component to this, is finding what you love, getting out of your own way, being open to new ideas, while also being real with yourself.

Podcasts are an excellent way to expose yourself to the plethora of free information from the some of the masters in their respective fields.  This is often information that people literally pay thousands of dollars for in the form of seminars, coaching or treatment.  You also are provided the luxury of listening on your own and at your own pace.  This allows for a certain level of necessary vulnerability as you can listen to anyone, on any topic without any apprehension based on perceived judgements.

I would like to share one of my go-to’s, saved in my podcast vault and oft utilized.  When we talking about mastering a certain field, you have your leaders or teachers you may respect and look to as a mentor from afar.  Tony Robbins has become this to me, and the field being mastered is life.  The link to this gem is below and I would encourage you to check it out and be real with yourself when listening.  As stated, in order to truly master this life, that space between the ears needs to be clear, honest, and in touch with a means to achieve whatever it is you want, in order to achieve whatever it is you deem to be success.  The mind effects the body and body effects the mind.  We cannot truly master one, without mastering the other.  A work in progress, no doubt.  But the resources are out there and available.  Use them to optimize and enhance.

Be well.

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