It’s inevitable. We are going to be exposed to germs. The key is to preemptively optimize that one body’s immune system all year round. This revolves around enhancing systemic, and thus immune function 365 days a year; not simply during “flu season” or as a panicked, irrational over reaction when sick.

The immune system is a complex matrix, as such, an up to date and thorough understanding of it is necessary to fortify your body’s remarkable, built in defense system. Hopefully, the days of defaulting to an antibiotic as the first line of defense for everything is coming to an end. This practice is non-specific, one size fits all, reactive sick care at it’s finest, and has led to additional health issues on the macro and micro level.

We now know that our microbiome is a major player in our immune system. Taking an anti-biotic indiscriminately wipes out all bacteria, good and bad. To use this so hap-hazardously, especially in the absence of a bacterial infection seems reckless, lazy, and antiquated to say the least; especially when powerful, effective herbal options exist.

We could ascribe novels on best immune practices, and as with everything when it comes to your ONE BODY, the optimal approach will be specific to you. However, these 3 tips mentioned in the clip above serve as strong, physiologically sound general information to serve as a potential starting point to ONE BODY optimization.

1) Reduce sugar/net carbs in the form of processed/refined foods. (Again, a good idea as a general year round dietary approach, but especially when in need of nutrient dense food and not empty macronutrients.)
2) Monolaurin or its precursor, Lauric Acid in supplement form or from USDA Organic, UNrefined, cold pressed coconut oil. (A personal favorite on salads, coffee, or a straight spoonful for myself and my two boys; which makes Grandma cringe 😝.)
3) Derived from Turmeric, Curcuminoids (a supplement that is at least 90% bio-active curcuminoids; lyposomal for increased absorption). *Turmeric in its whole form has it’s own worth mentioning benefits, but in the case of the studies regarding influenza and HPV, they were specifically talking about the curcuminoids. Therefore to channel these specific immune boosting and anti-viral properties, we focused on obtaining the studied, therapeutic component.*

Remember, total body enhancement and immune boosting methods are a 365 days a year practice, not simply a reactionary response to the latest virus or bug passing through town. Increase your resiliency to the inevitable exposure year round by gently, but consistently optimizing the gastrointestinal tract and detoxifying liver function, sleep, stress, and movement; and if need be intelligently increase targeted support during times of susceptibility, exposure or stress.

Treat that ONE BODY right, and it will treat you right, right back.

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