There is no greater mastery than mastery of oneself.  No matter where we go in life, who we end up interacting with, our trials and tribulations; it all get interpreted on an individual level. How we react, respond and interpret our experiences is largely based on what is going on between the ears.  Our thoughts, attachments, attitude are an undeniable piece to the ONE BODY puzzle.

We know we are limited to one body during our time, hence the driving force behind the idea of expressing gratitude by treating it right.  We also are limited in the amount of time we get for this portion of the journey.  You can choose to be happy.  You can choose to be positive.  If you are stuck or occasionally succumb to the natural human emotions of self doubt, sadness or lack of motivation, drive or purpose; we would best be served to get out of our own way and welcome with open arms and any other potentially powerful, positive pivot provoking perspective to get us back on track or take us to a new track.

That is what these peak performance podcasts are all about.

(View last weeks pick:

This week we mentioned and highly recommend The Tim Ferris Show.  The wisdom interlaced within conversation after conversation with peak performer is priceless.  The below link is from an excerpt he shared on his show from a book called Ego is the Enemy and a chapter called “What’s Important to You?”  It is under 20 minutes so highly digestible and implementable for anyone trying to find their course, stay the course, and attain happiness and your own definition of success based on what’s personally important to you.

Some philosophical nuggets that always stuck with me are from the late, great Wayne Dyer.  The idea is that you do not actually have a problem, you only think you do.  Further, you can not solve a problem with the same mind or thinking that created it.  If you want to solve the problem, change the way you think.  This podcast conveys somewhat of a practical application of this insightful premise.  Get to cultivating.

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