Whether they are OTC or prescribed, antacids or PPIs (proton pump inhibitors) are some of the most common medications we see patients list upon initial presentation. Many pop these pills more frequently than a vitamin in order to continue dietary habits, without any thought of potential long term side effects.  As stated in the discussion above, these drugs are not intended for long term use, as such the FDA has branded them with a black label warning stating just that.

Infections, bacterial (including SIBO or H.Pylori), parasitic and fungal overgrowth, nutritional deficiencies, gut damage leading to inflammation and immune reactivity (auto immunity), B12 deficiency and elevated Homocysteine levels (an independent risk factor for CVD and dementia), and inhibition of bile release from the gall bladder (leading to gall stones, and a hampering our essential ability to detox) are all issues that can arise from long term use of antacids.  Be sure to listen to the discussion above for an explanation of how this occurs.

Part 1 (https://www.instagram.com/p/BglFTgvhEp9/?taken-by=onebodyfunctionalhealth)


Part 2 (https://www.instagram.com/p/BgnuKIllBB1/?taken-by=onebodyfunctionalhealth)

of this conversation can be heard over at Instagram (onebodyfunctionalhealth).  This is obviously a loaded topic, so stay tuned for a necessary Part 4 and the link between the heartburn experience, too many carbs and SIBO.

As with any disease, sign or symptom, it is indicative of underlying dysfunction(s) in the body.  As such doing something to simply silent the annoying, but helpful outward manifestation of that dysfunction does nothing to correct that underlying dysfunction, allowing it to persist and potentially move on to other tissues.  If you don’t want to descend the slippery slope of stacking symptom silencing medications, taking the time and effort to dig deeper is a very practical necessity.

You don’t have to settle.  Below is a testimonial from a patient we helped years back. Granted, like any testimonial it is an n of 1 (we all are), but it is another demonstration of how liberating an approach grounded in improving overall function by rectifying underlying dysfunction can be.

Jack Stukonis, Lifelong Heartburn:

I first began to notice my issues with heartburn and digestion when I was going to high school. My father being the manly man he is always told me he had the same issues and to suck it up. For years I lived every single day thinking I just had to suck it up because being in this pain was a part of life. Fast forward 10 years and I was invited to a networking group where I was introduced to Dr. Clarke. Historically my family has always been more skeptical of doctors and would only utilize them in emergencies, such as a broken bone or an infection.

Because it was a lunch meeting I went ahead and ordered the deep fried lasagna. I mean come on, how could I not? It’s deep fried after all.
During that meeting I had heartburn the entire time. The host of this networking group, his wife stood up and gave her testimonial for Dr Clarke. This was the first time I thought I should even consider getting help for my pain. After exchanging cards I contacted him and went for an evaluation. At our initial consult he didn’t just prescribe me some heartburn medicine and send me on my way, he wanted to get to the root of my problem. After explaining my family history, my diet, and my lifestyle, he flat out asked if I ever considered I might be sensitive to gluten. He was right, I never considered I might have a sensitivity to gluten. I almost went into denial… how could I give up pasta, bread, tortillas, BEER? After our meeting was done I agreed to try his diet. 30 days of no gluten all while taking some natural supplements to heal and seal my digestive system. I would be lying if I said it was easy. I first went home and gave everything that contained gluten to my dad (after all he didn’t mind sucking up the pain). After 30 days was done I lost 20 pounds, had more energy, and didn’t have even a little bit of pain. No more heartburn… no more revisiting my last meal. I felt great.

Since the 30 day diet ended I went back to drinking beer and having some bread sparingly. I no longer have issues with my digestion and I read the ingredients of everything I consume.

If I wouldn’t have found Dr Clarke I would still to this day be suffering in silence to this day.

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