The “Burpee.”

The name alone makes many shutter or make an awkward face signaling disapproval.  Don’t get me wrong, I definitely view the burpee, when done in rep and set volume as a potential form of self torture.  However, the activation of the full body and major muscles with simultaneous cardiovascular stimulation is undeniable and should NOT be avoided like the plague.

It does not have to be performed in higher reps or as part of a 5 round WOD (WOD = crossfit language for your workout; literally: Workout Of the Day).  You make the call.  We are talking about implementing this throughout the day as a means to break up the sitting and break out of that fascial cast that is forming when you stay in one position for too long.  A few reps in your cubicle, in the hallway, in the courtyard, during a stop on a road trip; wherever.  It is a great comprehensive warm up for the skeletal and cardiac muscle, and the brain.  It is also a great way to literally warm up in this frigid Florida winter.

(Our other go-to warm-up in between sets at the gym, before our first patient in the morning or before and athletic event: )

Another approach to this that incorporates committing to making movement happen in light of a busy schedule, is to set a total goal at the start of the day and shoot for say, 100 burpees by days end.  3 here.  4 there. Another 2 there.  Keep track.  It adds up.  No time in the gym or traveling to and from it.  However you get the full body engagement in, throughout the day in spurts, rather than for a ~60 minute session in a gym that breaks up your otherwise sedentary work life.  Arguably the former can prove more beneficial when speaking of maintaining overall wellness and health.

If the full burpee is out of your league and current fitness level.  Do not tune this out.  Break it into segments and work on that. The push-up; on the floor, on your knees, or even the wall push-up. The air-squat.  A simple hop with your hands above your head.  And as we mentioned in the discussion, making sure you still possess the ability to get down on the floor and back up.  Do not wait until you go down from an unintended fall to discover that you struggle to get back to your feet.

Use it or lose it.

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